How to Insure Against Tenant Default & Eviction

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Are you concerned about the risk of tenant default, non-payment of rent, and eviction?

You are not alone. Most investors regard these variables as the greatest downside risks of owning rental properties because you cannot plan for them and they have the ability to completely disrupt your cash flow, often for extended periods.

What if there was insurance that would continue to pay you the full gross monthly rent when your tenant defaults on their rental payment, reimburse you for your eviction costs, and also cover malicious tenant damage to your property?

How much value and peace of mind would that bring you?

Real estate investors have dreamed of such insurance for years...

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Your RentSure Membership Provides Game-Changing Insurance, Including:

  • Malicious Tenant Damage - Covers Damage By Tenant Up to $10,000.
  • Rental Income Protection - Covers up to 11 Months of Gross Rental Income per Year, or 90 Days Post-Eviction or Abandonment, Up to $100,000 per year.
  • Eviction Protection - Covers Legal Fees, Eviction Fees, and Collection Costs.

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