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Welcome to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

About Philadelphia Properties

Philadelphia properties are available for CASH PURCHASE ONLY on a "buy-then-renovate" model. These are all hand-selected rental properties in high-demand Philly areas.  After you close on the distressed property, the seller will professionally renovate the property for you in 120 days and guarantee that the new appraised value on the improved property will be more than your total out of pocket expenses. 

Note: The total (already discounted) price shown for all Philly properties includes the price of the distressed property PLUS the full renovation cost.

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Philadelphia Highlights

Philadelphia Properties:
  • Discounted Price for Funding the Acquisition and Renovation
  • 120 Day Renovation Period Guaranteed by Seller
  • Renovation Cost Guaranteed by Seller in Advance
  • 9% average Cap Rates on Single Family Homes
Philadelphia Market:
  • Job growth above national average
  • Home prices have increased 13% in the past year
  • Mass-Tourism: Over 4 million visitors annually (one of the U.S.'s top attractions)
  • Mega-College Town: Home to 92 colleges and universities, creating consistent rental demand

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