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Welcome to Indianapolis, Indiana!

About Indianapolis Properties

When you buy in Indy, you buy right in the path of growth. Unemployment in Indy is down to 3.9% compared with the national average of 4.8%. And job growth continues with Kroger's $465 million investment in Indy which involves 33 stores and the creation of 3,440 new jobs in 2017. (Sources: BLS,

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Indianapolis Highlights

Indianapolis Properties:
  • Fully-Renovated Single Family Homes in Owner-Occupied Communities
  • Tenants and Local Property Management in Place
  • 8% Average Cap Rate
  • Hand-Selected Micro Markets
Indianapolis Market:
  • The most stable real estate market in the country (declined less than 7% during recession).
  • 2.7% unemployment rate - one of the top 3 lowest in the U.S among large MSAs (Source:
  • Job growth - Kroger's $465 million investment continues with 33 stores and 3,440 new jobs by 2017 (Sources: BLS,
  • College town - universities create consistent rental demand.

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