North Drexel Avenue Indianapolis, IN

North Drexel Avenue Indianapolis, IN

Property Summary

Type Single Family Home
Price $ 72,000
Rent $ 800 / mo
NOIDefinition $ 514 / mo
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Indianapolis Highlights

Indianapolis Properties:
  • Fully renovated single family homes
  • Tenants and local property management in place
  • 8.5% average Cap Rates on SFHs
  • Hand-selected locations
Indianapolis Market:
  • The #1 most stable real estate market in the country (declined less than 7% during recession)
  • Only 3.9% unemployment rate (below national average of 4.8%)
  • Job growth with a diversified economy
  • 14th largest city in the U.S. (Nearly 2 Million People)
  • College town where universities create consistent rental demand


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