Brighton Street Baltimore, MD

Brighton Street Baltimore, MD

Property Summary

Type Single Family Home
Price $ 89,000
Rent $ 1,300 / mo
NOIDefinition $ 863 / mo
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Baltimore Highlights

Baltimore Properties:
  • Discounted Price for Funding the Acquisition and Renovation
  • 120 Day Renovation Period Guaranteed by Seller
  • Renovation Cost Guaranteed by Seller in Advance
  • 9% average Cap Rates on Single Family Homes
Baltimore Market:
  • Job Growth: Unemployment Below the National Average (
  • Housing Demand Rising: "Days on Market" down 20% from 1 year ago (Altos Research)
  • Upside Potential: Home Prices Still Well Below Pre-Recension Peak (FHFA)
  • Ranked Top 5 "Best US Cities to Find Work" (


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