What Is Best Real Estate Investment Software?

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What Is Best Real Estate Investment Software?

Of all the programs we have used and reviewed.... Our favorite is:

And because Property Tracker is our favorite software, we have negotiated a discount for YOU.  By using our affiliate link, you get a 30 day free trial and a 20% discount if you decide to buy.  


10 Reasons Why We Like Property Tracker

  1. Great Functionality, Accessibility and Security
    It is a web based program with a secure interface so it works seamlessly and securely whether you have a Mac or PC and whether you are accessing it from your own computer or a remote location.
  2. Property Tracker AppsIncludes a Property Evaluator
    The Property Evaluator allows you to analyze the property before you buy, compare different investment properties with each other, send projections to your investment partners or clients instantly.
  3. Allows You to Test Different Projections
    You can experiment with various appreciation, vacancy and maintenance projections as well as different financing scenarios.It allows you to run numerous analyses with different assumptions to see how they would affect your overall returns.
  4. Provides Key Metrics that Real Estate Investors Need
    After you buy your property, it enables you to track all of the key financial metrics based on your actual income and expenses. This data helps you make the important decisions, such as when to sell, refinance or continue holding the property.
  5. Super Easy to Use
    Just plug in your basic raw data and Property Tracker does the rest.
  6. Robust Capabilities
    It can produce detailed performance reports, track your monthly income and expenses, and even track vacancy rates and lease expiration dates.It can also track your depreciation, estimated tax savings, and factor that into your total return on investment.And, it allows you to evaluate and track an unlimited number of investment properties.
  7. Saves You Time on Bookkeeping, Taxes and Loan Applications
    It lets you instantly create a Schedule E for your taxes and a Schedule of Real Estate Owned for your loan applications.
  8. Includes Online Document Storage
    You can store all of your documents for each property in one place (property contracts, loan documents, lease agreements, etc).
  9. Includes a Contact Database and Correspondence Log
    You can keep all of your contacts for each property in one place and track your correspondence with them all.
  10. Excellent Support
    Although the software is very easy to use, it still comes with free tutorials to get you started as well as online and tech support.  

Your Special Discount

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Because this is our real estate investment software of choice, we have negotiated a discounted rate with PropertyTracker for the Maverick community.

By using our affiliate link, you get two things:

  1. A Free 30 Day Trail with No Obligation to test out the software and use it for a month to see if it is right for you.
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