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We invite Agents and Brokers with an active U.S. real estate license to join the Maverick Referral NetworkTM at no charge. We pay a referral fee -- a full 3% of the gross contract sales price -- to your broker every time one of your buyers closes on a property. We meticulously track every client you refer so that you get paid every time they close.  We sign an iron-clad, legally binding Referral Fee and Non-Circumvent Agreement with you so that your clients always remain your clients and you get paid for anything they buy through Maverick.

How You Can Use the Maverick Referral Network to Skyrocket Your Closings

By joining the Maverick Referral NetworkTM you can invite your clients to our private buying opportunity webinars, get them access to unlisted turn- key investment properties in premium markets, and make a full 3% for every closing.The Maverick AdvantageTM is based on simple yet highly leveraged principles that enable you to close more properties in less time so you can spend the extra time and money designing your lifestyle.

The Principles Are:

  • Generate Rapid Repeat Business by Selling Investment Properties.   Real estate investors buy an average of 2 properties per year.  You can cultivate a clientele of real estate investors and also convert your primary home buyers and sellers into real estate investors.
  • Empower Your Clients to Buy in the Best Markets No Matter Where They Live.  Remove geographic restrictions and enable your clients to buy “turnkey” properties in the hottest markets.  Professional property management options are in place so they can avoid the trap of landlording and comfortably invest anywhere.
  • Get Your Clients Exclusive Access to Unlisted Deals.   Due to the number of agents in the Maverick Referral Network™ that close buyers, we are able to negotiate with collective purchasing power and structure private buying opportunities with prices and terms not available to the public.
  • Have the Deals Come to You so You Don't Have to Look for Them.  Maverick negotiates premium deals and then puts the deal presentation and marketing materials together for you.
  • Present the Same Buying Opportunity to All Your Clients.  Stop spending your time finding different properties for each client.  Use one set of marketing materials (that we create and provide for you) and present the same deal to everyone.
  • Aggregate All Your Buyers and Sell to Everyone at the Same Time.  Stop selling properties one at a time. Invite all your clients to the private buying opportunity where the deal is presented to everyone at once via Webinar. 
  • Create the Perception of Scarcity and Increase Your Close Ratio. Having more buyers on the Webinar than units available creates a perception of scarcity which increases your closing ratio and often allows you to sell multiple properties in a single night.
  • Build Fierce Client Loyalty, Secure Clients for Life and Generate Mad Referrals.  Since the only way your clients can access these unlisted deals is through you, it builds serious client loyalty.  If you are helping them to build their wealth and put their kids through college, they tend to keep buying through you….and referring their friends.

Click Here to join the Maverick Referral NetworkTM today at no charge and take your real estate game to the next level!