About Us: Maverick Activist & Giving Back

Maverick Activism and Giving Back

Maverick donates 10% of our company earnings (before Partner salaries or ownership distributions) to causes we care about.  This includes giving back to the communities where our clients buy property, particularly to support the homeless and the working poor who cannot afford to rent a home.  It also includes supporting both domestic and international struggles for social justice, human rights, ending sexual assault and domestic violence, promoting sports for women and girls, and other important causes. This fixed donation percentage means that as our company earnings grow, so does the amount we donate to these causes.  This gives us purpose and inspiration.  It also assures our real estate investor clients and our staff that the more we grow together, the more we affect positive change in the world together.

Organizations We Proudly Support

Maverick Has Donated At Least $5,000 to EACH of the Following Organizations:

Charity Project Description Donate
Boys Town, Washington DC General Fund Boys Town provides housing, foster housing, other care services for more than 6,200 children and families in the District of Columbia each year.Donate to Boys Town, DC
Free the Kids, Haiti Orphanage Free the Kids provides shelter and schooling for abandoned and vulnerable children in Haiti so they will live more productive lives.Donate to Free the Kids, Haiti
Middle East Childrens Alliance Cycling & Sports for Palestinian Children in Gaza This project was for a new sports program at the UN schools in the Gaza refugee camps. "Young women and men will teach volleyball, football, running, cycling and more to 600 children".Donate to MECA for Peace
Free the Kids, Haiti Hurricane Matthew Relief Fund Free the Kids sustained damage to the schools and shelter buildings meant to house homeless children in Haiti.Donate to Free the Kids, Haiti
Jans Tutoring House Summer 2017 Jan’s pairs Washington DC children in need of support with volunteer mentors. Mentors provide one-on-one tutoring after school and there is a summer camp program that help to reinforce academic goals. Donate to Jan's Tutoring House